Pre-Marriage Counselling | Phone Session | Elite Naseeb

Elite Naseeb in Partnership with Dawidar Psychology

Dawidar Psychology will be providing all our members with phone counselling sessions and we will work around your busy schedule.

These sessions can be scheduled for evenings, on your lunch break or on the weekend! These sessions are designed to explore your limiting beliefs around marriage, life and relationships as well as provide you with the support of a real-life Psychologist assisting you along this journey. These sessions can cover an array of relationship-related topics.

Please be advised that these sessions cannot facilitate crisis counselling and should the occasion arise, you will be directed to contact an appropriate service in your city of residence. Some examples of topics that can be addressed in sessions are:

  • Limiting beliefs
  • Past hurt/pain from previous relationships
  • Confidence
  • Expectations
  • How to balance career life and family life
  • Budgeting and financial counselling
  • Assist you with identifying what you are looking for in a match
  • Conflict resolution
  • How to have a successful marriage

You also have the option of purchasing additional sessions as you like, with no limits to the amount you would like to purchase.

Dawidar Psychology charges $80 for each additional one-hour phone session. Dawidar Psychology also provides the following packages (paid upfront) so you can get all the private and confidential support you would like in the comfort of your home, beach or in your car!

One-on-one Counselling session prices:

    • 1 session

      = $80 (non-member price $100) Saving of $20.

$80.00Add to cart

    • 3 sessions

      = $200 (non-member price $300). Saving of $100!

$220.00Add to cart

    • 6 sessions

      = $400 (non-member price $600). Saving of $200!!

$400.00Add to cart

    • 10 sessions

      = $500 (non-member price $1,000). Saving of $500!!!

$650.00Add to cart

Once you find your potential spouse, Dawidar Psychology will also provide couples counselling prior to marriage, to ensure both parties are on the same page and work things out before marriage. Once couples are married, they have lifetime access to Dawidar Psychology’s couple counselling packages, exclusive to Elite Naseeb members.

These sessions are also available via video call so please advise the psychologist how you would like couple counselling sessions to be conducted.

Couples Counselling session prices:

    • 1 session

      = $150 (non-members $200). Saving of $50.

$120.00Add to cart

    • 3 sessions

      = $400 (non-members $600). Saving of $200!

$340.00Add to cart

    • 6 sessions

      = $600 (non-members $1,200). Saving of $600!!

$650.00Add to cart

    • 10 sessions

      = $900 (non-members $2,000). Saving of $1,100!!!

$999.00Add to cart