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How To Successfully Find A Compatible Spouse Via Online Matrimony Sites

  In today’s world of the Internet and social media, hopeful singles in search for their lifelong partner can increase their potential match choices exponentially via various online matrimony sites. For every three marriages, one is a direct result of meeting online,and the numbers keep growing by the day. While there is a wealth of opportunity of finding a compatible spouse online, the downside is that most people tend to rush to judgment based on superficial information that leads to


What Professional Muslim Women are Looking for In a Husband

  Seeing as each gender has its own fitra (natural instincts) and DNA from Allah, it is crucial to know the differences so as to be able to get into and have solid marriages. As a woman, you need to know what you want in a husband and be clear about it. Don’t claim to want a certain type of man like a God fearing one or the strong type or even subtler and timid type just so that you