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Why Choose Elite Naseeb?


Elite Naseeb has been created exclusively to support single Muslim professionals find their match. We are aiming to become one of the biggest matrimonial sites that services Muslim professionals. We are the only Muslim matrimonial site to provide counselling sessions, delivered by Psychologists, to all of our members as part of their membership as we can understand and appreciate the pressures of being a professional as well as searching for your compatible match.

Western Muslim Professionals Connect


Elite Naseeb is about to change the game on online matrimonial sites with the niche market of Muslim professionals along with our collaboration with Dawidar Psychology, which will consist of a team of Psychologists whose purpose is to provide you with support and an elite service throughout your journey towards finding your Naseeb (destiny). Elite Naseeb adheres to Islamic rulings on courtship for marriage and intends its services to be used to help our Ummah complete half their Deen, in accordance to Allah swt and Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) teachings and advice. Please always be mindful of your interactions, both online and offline, as The Almighty Sees and Hears all. Let’s start one of the biggest chapters of our lives with the blessings of The Most High and allow this platform to be our ticket into Jannah insha’Allah.

Elite Naseeb x Dawidar Psychology


Elite Naseeb is teaming up with Dawidar Psychology to provide single Muslim professionals a unique service.

No matter where you live, whether it’s Sydney, London, New York etc. we have the service for you!

We understand how busy life can get for career-oriented individuals and how your personal life tends to take the back seat whilst you climb up that corporate/career ladder. We want to take the burden of your romantic life off your shoulders and support you along the way so that you can continue excelling in your industry but at the same time, start investing into your personal life and find your future spouse. Particularly for Muslim professionals, this can be more difficult as there are certain “rules” that need to be followed to uphold our Islamic values and marriage is the intention of this service.

For less than $5 a week, you receive all of this! Yes, you read that correctly…less than a cup of coffee a week! So this is where Dawidar Psychology comes in. Dawidar Psychology will be providing all our members with phone counselling sessions and we will work around your busy schedule. And yes, this is included in that price of a cup of coffee we mentioned!